Dr Martin Edlund key note speaker at UK Marine Energy Conference

July 08, 2016

On Tuesday 5 July, the UK Marine Energy Conference 2016 was held in Glasgow. The conference addressed the role for marine energy in the new energy mix with presenters representing industry, government and academia.

Minesto’s CEO Dr Martin Edlund was invited to the conference as key note speaker.

“The title of my presentation was ‘Demands on site development from a Deep Green perspective’ and the idea was to present another approach to project and technology development. Considering the unique characteristics of our technology, we claim that we operate in a niche of our own in the tidal energy industry. This obviously affects how we address the process of maturing the technology as well as how we are building relationships with our first customers”, said Dr Edlund.

Dr Martin Edlund’s presentation from the conference is available for download here.