Martin Edlund to the BBC: “Tidal energy is the new coal industry for Wales”

January 31, 2019

BBC Wales today reports on Minesto and the Welsh marine energy sector. It stresses the huge potential for tidal energy in the UK and emphasise that although the industry receives substantial support from the Welsh Government, revenue support mechanisms from the UK Government is lacking.

The Welsh Government is quoted saying it is “time for the UK Government to rethink their energy policy.”

Minesto and its North Wales operations is highlighted in the report, with CEO Dr Martin Edlund telling the BBC: "If you look at the potential of tidal energy for Wales, this is the new coal industry, with the significant difference is that it is going to last forever."

The story has been rolling continuously on the BBC Wales Radio news broadcast throughout the morning along with a special report featuring Sue Barr of the trade body Marine Energy Council, who highlights the economic benefit the marine energy sector delivers to peripheral areas such as Anglesey, North Wales. 

The website version of the news report can be found here.