Minesto invited to the National Assembly for Wales

March 17, 2016

On 9 March, Minesto along with a number of industry players was invited to the National Assembly for Wales. In the Assembly Minesto’s CEO Martin Edlund had the opportunity to present Minesto and describe the company's major commitment in Wales to a dozen Assembly Members.

“I spoke partly on how well the tidal resources in Wales fit Minesto’s technology. We unlock a greater resource than what Wales would have access to otherwise. I also stressed the important relationship with our partner the Welsh European Funding Office and our cooperation to industrialise Deep Green in Wales, said Martin Edlund.

Minesto has quickly become a key player in the UK market and is a driving force in project and technology development in marine energy.

“We are a kind of second-generation tidal developers. There is a revival of political ambition and a positive climate in Wales today. However, there are only a few players who are up and running, although there are several projects that are in their infancy. It is a new-building spirit in which Minesto is highly visible and noticeable. For our part, we also draw benefit from the relatively mature marine energy industry in the UK. There are, for example, established supply chains and solid experience in the consulting side. It favours Minesto’s development, said Martin Edlund.