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May 29, 2018
In the Friday edition of Swedish finance web TV show Trading Direkt, a technical analysis of the Minesto share is presented. See the analysis at approx. 21:30 mins in the video above.Read more »
May 28, 2018
Umbilical, upper part of the bottom joint and tether on a construction vessel on its way to Minesto's site in Holyhead Deep, Wales. Photo: Rob Johnson / Film Up High
Marine energy developer Minesto has completed the second offshore installation phase of its DG500 project in Wales. Having installed the tether, micro grid system buoy and umbilical, all supporting components and systems needed to deliver the power produced by Minesto’s first system of the unique...Read more »
ptf_hook-up “We are very pleased to have finished this second step towards commissioning our DG500 device in Holyhead Deep”, said Minesto’s Chief Operating Officer David Collier. “The offshore operations team in Holyhead, with support from colleagues in Sweden and Northern Ireland, has made great... Read more »
May 24, 2018
The wing is assembled to Minesto's marine energy converter DG500 in Holyhead, Wales in the beginning of 2018. Photo: Minesto
Minesto AB's Interim Management Statement for the first quarter 2018 is now published. The statement is available, in Swedish only, under the Investor Relations section of the web site, or via the link below. Delårsredogörelse 1 januari–31 mars 2018 Delårsredogörelse 1 januari–31 mars 2018Read more »
May 23, 2018
Minesto's micro grid system buoy installed at the Holyhead Deep site off North West Wales. Photo: David Collier/Minesto
Minesto has completed the installation of the micro grid system (MGS) buoy that will be used for the company’s first tidal energy installation in Holyhead Deep, Wales. Moored to the seabed using three anchor lines, the offshore buoy designed for extreme sea conditions will provide auxiliary power... Read more »
May 18, 2018
Minesto's micro grid system buoy in the River Clyde prior to the tow to Holyhead.
· MGS buoy on the move · Minesto pitches at reputable EU event · Meet Minesto at Swedish shareholder event next weekRead more »
MGS buoy on the move Minesto has completed preparations for installation of the micro grid system (MGS) buoy that will be used with the first Deep Green device in Holyhead Deep, Wales. The buoy was lifted from the King George V dock to the River Clyde in Glasgow and will now be towed to Holyhead... Read more »
May 18, 2018
Minesto's micro grid system buoy is lifted to the River Clyde prior to its tow to Holyhead. Photo: Rob Johnson/Film Up High
Preparations for installation of the micro grid system (MGS) buoy that will be used to handle and analyse electricity generated by Minesto’s first Deep Green marine energy converter in Utility Scale has been completed. This includes installation, testing and commissioning of the MGS itself, the... Read more »
May 09, 2018
Service vessels passes the South Stack lighthouse on Holy Island while towing Minesto's GBS foundation to Holyhead Deep.
Minesto has completed the first offshore installation phase of the project aimed at demonstrating Minesto’s marine energy technology Deep Green in utility scale. The gravity-based structure, including the bottom joint system that moors Minesto’s DG500 power plant to the foundation, has been...Read more »
“We’re happy to be under way and to have the first piece of hardware installed at the site in Holyhead Deep”, said Minesto’s COO David Collier. “This is milestone in the DG500 project.” The gravity-based structure was towed out to the Holyhead Deep site located some 6km off Holy Island and lowered... Read more »
May 04, 2018
The bottom joint system that will be used to moor Minesto's DG500 device to the seabed in Holyhead Deep, Wales has been installed onto the gravity-based foundation. The bottom joint functions as a locking mechanism between the power plant's tether and the seabed foundation. It is also articulated... Read more »
May 03, 2018
With installation activities underway in Holyhead, Wales, marine energy developer Minesto is closing in on demonstration of the unique Deep Green technology in Utility Scale for the first time. Today, Minesto has published an interview with the company’s Chief Operating Officer David Collier, where... Read more »