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January 28, 2019
Video interview (in Swedish), where analyst Alf Riple from Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance and Minesto's CEO Martin Edlund talk energy transition, Minesto and our ground-breaking renewable energy technology.Read more »
January 16, 2019
Interview in Swedish with CEO Martin Edlund, where he discusses Minesto’s role in the global energy transition and the competitiveness of the company’s unique ocean energy technology.Read more »
December 21, 2018
As we look back on 2018, we see a year when the world really woke up to climate change and the fact that the time for talk is over and the time for action is now. Over the last year, we have seen an increasing understanding from key stakeholders and decision-makers that for a sustainable global... Read more »
November 06, 2018
As part of a series of articles on climate change, how this affects the world and what solutions are available, Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten together with Business Region Gothenburg and the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce have listed Minesto and other companies that have the potential to... Read more »
October 29, 2018
Weekly Swedish magazine Ny Teknik, which covers various topics in the fields of technology and engineering, has today published an article about Minesto, the progress made in Wales over the last months and company's activities to establish its Deep Green technology on the market. The article is... Read more »
October 26, 2018
Swedish national TV4 News broadcasted a report featuring Minesto in its newscasts on Friday. CEO Dr Martin Edlund is interviewed and the report highlights Minesto’s subsea kite technology and the ongoing commissioning activities of the company’s first utility-scale installation off the cost of... Read more »
September 06, 2018
Minesto is mentioned on the first news spread in the Friday edition of Swedish financial newspaper Dagens Industri, as the paper reviews the Midroc Group's listed Swedish portfolio companies. The article is available to read for subscribers via this link.Read more »
September 04, 2018
Louise Marsden, Minesto and Iwan and Elsie with family, winners of the kite naming competetion at the Unveiling Event of Minesto's first utility-scale device in Holyhead, Wales.
Over the last year and a half, we have asked children at different events we’ve held or participated in around Anglesey to come up with a name for our first Deep Green marine energy kite at utility scale – the DG500 device. We have had a lot of great suggestions such as Sea Glider, Green Charger,... Read more »
August 20, 2018
Make sure to check out the latest issue of the industry magazine Wave and Tidal Energy Network and the “Deep Green Deployment” feature covering the ongoing commissioning activities of our DG500 system in Holyhead Deep Wales. The feature also presents some of our partners and suppliers and their... Read more »