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November 23, 2018
Participants at the Taiwan-Sweden Joint Business Council Meeting 2018 in Taipei. Photo: Business Sweden
· Minesto joins Swedish multinational companies in Taiwan trade delegation · EU Commissioner for Climate Action & Energy: Mobilising €1.2bn for ocean energy development · Minesto enjoys Swedish and international media publicity · Minesto signs agreement with electric utility SEV for Faroe...Read more »
Minesto joins Swedish multinational companies in Taiwan trade delegation This week, Minesto participated in a Swedish trade delegation led by Stina Billinger, State Secretary at the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, visiting Taiwan. Minesto took part in high-level conversations relating to... Read more »
November 12, 2018
Picture of the Vestmannasund strait in the North West part of the Faroe Islands. Photo: SEV
Swedish marine energy developer Minesto has signed a collaboration agreement with the main power generator and distributor on the Faroe Islands, SEV, for two installations of Minesto’s DG100 model. The agreement also includes a power purchase agreement through which SEV commits to purchase the...Read more »
“ We are delighted to have signed this agreement with SEV, an advanced customer with a pioneering energy transition agenda and a world-class tidal energy resource. With Minesto’s technology, they can add a predictable and affordable source of clean energy with the potential to play a significant... Read more »
November 09, 2018
Minesto's marine energy converter DG500 during its commissioning program in the Holyhead Deep, Wales
Marine energy developer Minesto has completed the offshore commissioning and test programme of its EU-funded tidal energy project offshore Holyhead, North Wales, which aims to demonstrate the company’s first utility-scale system of its pioneering subsea kite technology.Read more »
“ We are proud of what we have achieved in Wales this year, the team has reached all its testing milestones in a safe and professional manner. Through the project installation, commissioning and operation activities of our DG500 device, we are pleased to successfully have verified the control... Read more »
November 06, 2018
As part of a series of articles on climate change, how this affects the world and what solutions are available, Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten together with Business Region Gothenburg and the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce have listed Minesto and other companies that have the potential to... Read more »
November 05, 2018
· Finance Secretary sets out marine energy ambition for Wales at OEE2018 · Wanted: Engineers who want to join the climate change fight · European Commission and Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy launch €100m clean energy investment fund · Minesto features on national television newsRead more »
Finance Secretary sets out marine energy ambition for Wales at OEE2018 Europe's and the world's leading ocean energy developers gathered in Edinburgh for the annual Ocean Energy Europe (OEE) conference this week. OEE is one of the most important events on Europe’s ocean energy calendar, providing... Read more »
November 02, 2018
Minesto is looking for engineers to join us on our journey to build a more sustainable future. Are you or do you know someone that is inspired by the challenges involved with moving technology frontiers forward? We have four vacancies with location in Gothenburg. Read more about the vacancies here... Read more »
October 29, 2018
Weekly Swedish magazine Ny Teknik, which covers various topics in the fields of technology and engineering, has today published an article about Minesto, the progress made in Wales over the last months and company's activities to establish its Deep Green technology on the market. The article is... Read more »
October 26, 2018
Swedish national TV4 News broadcasted a report featuring Minesto in its newscasts on Friday. CEO Dr Martin Edlund is interviewed and the report highlights Minesto’s subsea kite technology and the ongoing commissioning activities of the company’s first utility-scale installation off the cost of... Read more »