June 08, 2020
Minesto progresses its tidal energy project in the Faroe Islands. The leading marine energy developer has completed the first offshore installation phase of the project, as the gravity-based foundation for the powerplant has been installed at the site in Vestmannasund.Read more »
“We are very pleased to have the first sub-sea hardware in place. The operations team has managed to safely progress the offshore installation campaign, adapting the plan to overcome both unfavourable weather conditions and logistical challenges related to the ongoing pandemic”, said David Collier... Read more »
June 04, 2020
A balanced renewable energy mix is crucial in advancing the global transition towards a sustainable future energy system. Tidal streams and ocean currents are reliable and inexhaustible, and available all over the globe. To exploit this immense resource, we developed our Deep Green technology... Read more »
April 29, 2020
Picture of the Vestmannasund strait in the North West part of the Faroe Islands. Photo: Warren Cardwell
When commercialised, renewable energy from tidal streams will become a significant energy resource to balance other, unpredictable renewable energy sources. This is the preliminary result of studies made as a part of a PhD project on the energy balance and stability of the Faroese electrical system.Read more »
“So far the results indicate that tidal power may be of significant importance for the electrical system,” states PhD researcher Helma Maria Tróndheim in an article published in the Faroese electric utility company SEV’s recently released Annual Report . According to SEV, the electricity demand is... Read more »
April 08, 2020
Happy Easter
It’s important that we all do our part, both to overcome the immediate challenges during this difficult time, and to build a sustainable future together. We wish you all a Happy Easter.Read more »
April 02, 2020
· Minesto secures all permits for Faroe Islands’ installations · EU leaders back ‘green transition’ in Covid-19 recovery plan · Year-end Report and Annual Report 2019 · Video: CEO comments on the coronavirus situation and Minesto's ongoing project in the Faroe Islands · Virginia Crosbie MP: We...Read more »
Minesto secures all permits for Faroe Islands’ installations Minesto and its collaboration partner, the Faroese electric utility company SEV, has been granted all necessary permits and consents for the installation of two grid-connected tidal kite systems in Vestmannasund, Faroe Islands. Click here... Read more »
March 26, 2020
Minesto has today published the Annual Report for the fiscal year 2019. The Annual Report is available in Swedish only, at the Investor Relations section of the website or via the link below. Minesto AB Annual Report 2019 (in Swedish) Minesto AB Annual Report 2019 (in Swedish)Read more »
March 03, 2020
· Minesto’s “revolutionary sea kite design” features on BBC’s Our Coast · Minesto showcases its kite technology at the Engineering the Energy Transition Conference · Net Zero panel at the MEW Conference: What role will marine energy play? · Wanted: Project Manager to Gothenburg and Civil Subsea...Read more »
Minesto’s “revolutionary sea kite design” features on BBC’s Our Coast Last weekend’s episode of Our Coast, a TV show broadcasted on BBC Two, exploring the spectacular coastlines linked by the Irish Sea, featured a section on tidal energy in general – and Minesto’s Deep Green technology and the... Read more »