Dragon Class – next generation marine energy power plants for commercial up-scale

Featuring increased performance and decreased manufacturing costs, the Dragon Class is a new range of power plants of Minesto’s ground-breaking Deep Green marine energy technology. It evolves from the grid-connected Deep Green systems Minesto has installed and operated in Vestmannasund, Faroe Islands.

Scale model of the Dragon Class in offshore testing at Minesto's test facilities in Northern Ireland.

Tailored to customer needs and operating conditions

The Dragon Class design scale effectively and will thus be available in different sizes tailored for maximum yield depending on site conditions such as water flow rate and depth.

By combining different wing spans, generator sizes, and tether lengths, Minesto can offer Dragon Class power plants that are customised to different applications and customer needs.

Product models are distinguished by the size of the wing. The current product range in development stretches from Dragon 4 (~4-meter wing) to Dragon 12 (~12-meter wing), with rated power ranging from 50 kW to 1.2 MW.

The Dragon Class’ increased customer value is straight to the point – maximise yield and minimise costs. This is the backbone product for our ongoing commercial scale-up

Martin Edlund, CEO

Increased performance, reduced costs, and scalable for commercial installations

Using extensive CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modelling, ocean scale model testing and operational data from Vestmannasund, Minesto’s technology development team has been able to improve the energy conversion and at the same time refine the power plant by reducing the number of power plant subsystems and components.

This results in significantly higher power production performance and by reducing the number of components, costs for manufacturing and assembly are decreased. In addition, it simplifies handling during installation and maintenance, which is crucial when Minesto now scales up the technology to megawatt-sized power plants for commercial installations.

A first glance at Dragon Class